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 Are you someone who owns a cat and have trouble finding a bed with a perfect location for your pet to enjoy? You need not worry anymore.

This comfortable pet-cat window bed is all you need to give your pet the perfect experience of living.

Soft material: The cloth fiber used to build this window bed is soft and durable. Even after your cat scratches it, the bed is set to last over months on end.

It is breathable: Cats are known to suffer from anxiety quite frequently. This window bed is made to calm anxious cats and give them a sense of comfort. Your pet wouldn’t feel suffocated at all due to its flexible side open feature.

Strong suction cups: Similarly the cups used to attach the bed to the windows are strong enough to stay in place. It is a promise of safety and comfort. You wouldn’t need to fear a fall or any type of incident, because the bed is said comfortably hold heavy cats too.

It has a good space: the bed has a 66*48*15cm overall size, which is quite roomy for almost every cat. This way, your pet would feel safe and moveable enough when enjoying their window view in this bed. 

This comfortable window cat bed is available in multiple colors. Make sure to choose the one which fits your pet the best. 


  • Material: FIBER
  • Size: 66*48*15cm
  • Color: Grey/Green/Brown/Black/Pirined
  • Weight: Light and heavy
  • Cups: hold strong weight
  • Cloth: soft and doesn’t scratch 

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