Cushion Dog Bed with Removable Fleece Cover


Size: Large [20cm x 85cm x 124cm]


Wine Rectangle Cushion Dog Beds filled with Hollow Fiber + Memory Foam Chips

Luxurious yet affordable quality Hollow Fiber and High Density Memory Foam Filled Dog Beds give your pet or dog the perfect place to lounge and enjoy. The Hollow Fiber and high density foam Scatter (See Picture Below) is encased in a Waterproof Covering with a Removable dog bed cover made from A grade quality Polar Fleece with Velcro style hard grip Fastening. Once the pad is encased in the waterproof lining it prevents flea and tick infestation, To clean the inner waterproof lining simply wipe down with a sponge etc. The cover is machine washable at 30 degrees.

Dog Bed and Fleece Fabric Dog Bed Cover Properties:

  • The Fleece Fabric Dog Bed Cover is Highly Breathable, Soft to the Touch
  • The Dog Bed is Rectangle in Shape Shape
  • The Dog Bed Cover has hard grip fastening and Removable, Easy Care (machine washable), Durable.  We recommend that you purchase a spare dog bed cover so that when one is being washed and dried or is spoiled to much then you can quickly replace the cover immediately.
  • Retains insulating powers, even when wet, Quick Dry
  • The Fleece as well as the Fiber is made 100% Polyester
  • Pressure relieving high density foam scatter and hollow fiber filled to create a bed that your dog can snuggle in and will love.  The Dog Bed is filled with a mixture of Hollow Fiber and Memory Foam Chips that are carded to give a soft and lofty feel. See Picture Below.
  • Ideal for: Pet Beds Dog Beds as the fleece mimics loose ground which pets love to paw!
  • Soft, thick and cuddly premium quality anti pill polar fleece fabric that doesn't bobble at all, even after multiple washes!
  • Velcro Fastening: Hard Grip Velcro Style Fastening
  • Over 20 Colors available including Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Beige Check, Black, Black Sherpa, Blue Check, Brown Check, Camouflage Green, Cream Check, Cream Sherpa, Green Check, Leopard Print, Navy Plaid, Red Check, Red, White Sherpa, Wine, Zebra Print
  • Sizes :  Medium (15cm x 73cm x 93cm), Large (20cm x 88cm x 119cm), X-Large (20cm x 95cm x 147cm)
  • Other Dog Beds Available: High Density Memory Foam Mattress Dog Bed, Spring Pocket Dog Mattresses as well as Hollow Fibre Filled Dog Beds.

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