Cat Cave Window Bed


Size: M
Color: Blue


Give your feline friend a soft and comfortable bed with a window to stare at. This Cat Cave Window Bed is perfect for ageing pets needing joint support as they unwind into a deep sleep.

Cuddle Comfort – This Cat cave offers a place for cats to snuggle and relax. It is made using plush foam walls so that your kitty can stay warm. Moreover, you will find a non-slip bottom fabric that is also chewing proof.

  • Detachable Cushion - The outer entrance of the cat cave has a fur-like lining. It is a natural way to attract a cat. In addition, the bed also has a removable cushion liner. This liner offers cosiness and allows the cats or kittens to curl up.
  • Privacy – some cats love their privacy when they want to sleep, which is why you will find them hiding in tiny spots. This cat cave window bed with an enclosed hood design provides them with a safe place to rest. The cats will also enjoy the excellent insulation.


 Size: 13 x 12 x 12 inch

Material: Polyester, Polyurethane Foam

 Color: Blue, Gray, Light Grey

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