Breathable Hammock Bed

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Do you really want to give your pet cat a place to sit and enjoy their fun time? Seems like a good plan.

With the help of this cot bed, your pet is most likely to feel safe and enjoy their time playing or sleeping.

Supportive pine stands: The stands are made out of pure pine. Since they don’t have wax or any sort of paint over them, your cat won’t feel uneasy or smell an unnecessary odor. It is guaranteed to provide them a comfortable sleep.

Comfortable canvas: Designs that are used for this elevated cot bed are rather simplified and cool. Your cat wouldn’t feel anxious lying down on them. The cloth is breathable and can be changed according to the liking of your pet.

Removable design: The pine stands can be easily detached and the cloth can be removed. You wouldn’t have to worry about your cat getting dirty or smelly. Moreover, the cot is portable, you can even carry it with you for a short picnic.

Simple installation:  with the help of 4 easy steps you can put the cot together and give your pet cat the most amazing thing it can ever demand.

Make sure to buy your cot bed today and give your pet another reason to love you even more.


  • Feature: Breathable
  • Type: cats
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Installation: 4 steps
  • Design: removable pine stands
  • Canvas: soft cloth, can be removed
  • Height:  (13 cm) minimum, the pet doesn’t feel scared
  • Size: 48x53 cm

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